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Peter Bodi

Peter has studied at the Academy Sutherland D'Osteopathie du Quebec,  and currently continuing his studies in manual etiotherapy under Guy Voyer DO.  He is a certified SomaTrainer, SomaTherapist and ELDOA™ trainer's trainer with a background in physical education.His NLP Master Practitioner training helps him better understand his patient’s reality and how to better navigate that in order to generate better results. 

In 2014 Peter founded SomaTraining UK to bring Voyer and his methodology to the UK. He is now one of the few qualified to teach Voyer's SomaTraining™, ELDOA™ and SomaTherapy™ program and has taught numerous courses in the UK and continental Europe. 

Peter has conducted several training courses for the S&C and physiotherapy staff of different sports teams and organisations such as the English National Rugby Team, The Harlequins Rugby Team, The Pittsburg Penguins and the Tampa Bay Lightning in the National Hockey League. 

 Peter has a special interest in designing targeted treatment and exercise programs aimed at correcting physiological and biomechanics dysfunctions. 

 Peter regularly works with athletes and high profile personalities across the film and music industry, business and finance.  

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Guy Voyer

Guy VOYER, DO is a pioneer of osteopathic medicine and the developer of SomaTraining, SomaTherapy and ELDOA™. From an early age he dreamed of becoming a great therapist, physiotherapist and sports trainer. He held onto that ambition throughout his youth and university years, and eventually worked as a physical education Teacher and then a physiotherapist with several medical specializations, including sports medicine, traumatology, psychological medicine, physical medicine and manual therapy. However, it was in osteopathy and his research in training techniques that he found his true passion. After his osteopathic studies, he concentrated his research on the understanding and treatment of fascia. He has done extensive research in dissection and methodology, creating the revolutionary ELDOA™ method.

He is one of the rare osteopaths who has mastered and treats fascia, and his patients travel from far and wide to receive his life-changing treatments.

Guy treats at Peter's London practice several times a year. 

'The work Peter has done with me has been transformative.
He's been incredible in helping me with my injuries and also has encouraged me to get a lot stronger all round. A total lifeline."

Iain Archer - song writer

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