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Peter Bodi treating client


Specialised Manual & Exercise Therapy
Following  traditional osteopathic philosophy and sport science principles, SOMATherapy (manual etiotherapy) and SOMATraining seeks to treat the root cause of the problem, not only the symptoms. This method addresses the many needs of the fascia in relation to the intrinsic anatomy and biomechanics of your"injury". The level of details inherent in SOMA techniques enables for a more precise touch. My process is the following.

1. Consultation

This initial consultation is an important part of the process as it will allow for a more holistic view of the problem in relation to the lifestyle and personality of the patient/client.  The consultation will elaborate on injury history, previous imaging and surgery history, training background and history, as well as lifestyle factors such as stress, nutrition and sleep. 

2. Assessment

The assessment will measure:

- centre of gravity in static and dynamic posture 

- arthrokinematic assessment of the pelvis & sacroiliac joint

-arhtokinematic assessment of the problem joint 

- range of motion and muscle length testing

- neuromuscular assessment

- body awareness, muscles recruitment and strength testing

3. Treatment

Following the assessment, a treatment plan is formulated and implemented. Following your first treatment, Peter will discuss the optimal duration, number and frequency of future treatments needed for desired results. 

4. Homecare

"Treatment and training goes hand in hand. You will learn specific exercises to maintain and continue to improve the effect of your treatment, giving control over your health & body back into your hands."

Based on the findings of your assessment and your first treatment, an exercise program will be designed for you. The exercises in this program will be specific to your problem. Follow up sessions will ensure mastery and full integration of these exercises.  Follow ups will typically take 60-90 minutes in duration. The number and frequency of these sessions needed will vary individually and will be discussed following your first treatment. Exercise programs are reviewed & updated regularly.

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Treatment modalities

Osteo-Articular Pumping & Joint Mobilisation

OA pumping facilitates fluid movement in the joint complex and in connecting fascia, to manage inflammation, reduce swelling and improve mobility. Not your typical osteopathic technique.

Fascial Normalization

Fascial normalisation will focus on the intrinsic quality of the fasciae and will address various fascial chains analytically in relation to the musculoskeletal and  visceral function.

Orthopaedic Strapping for Overuse & Sport Injuries

For bone and soft tissue injuries where maintaining the intrinsic movement and stability/off-loading of the structure is required and micro movement is needed but the use of hard cast isn't feasible or advised.

The ELDOA™ Method

Postural normalisation techniques designed for opening the space within a chosen articulation.

 Strength Training &


Analytical & Global Muscular Strengthening and Ligament Proprioception

MyoFascial Stretching

Specific stretching techniques to normalise the connective tissue surrounding and connecting the muscles, joints and bones. 

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