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Peter Bodi with past clients


Health & Fitness Professionals

For SomaTraining, SomaTherapy and the ELDOA™ Certification courses click the below link for the SomaTraining Education website. 

  If you are a SOMA or ELDOA practitioner and you have specific questions, or would like to discuss specific application for your client or patient, please fill out the form below to book a zoom consultation.


Sports Teams

 I appreciate the challenges professional sports teams face when it comes to finding time for continuing education.Busy training camps & in season game calendars paired with heavy travel schedules often makes it very hard for staff to attend courses. I have successfully worked with several teams, both in season and off-season, around their busy schedule to meet their training needs.  While most seek out our standard certification courses, we find that a tailor-made content designed for the specific needs of the team is often more suitable, effective and time efficient.


Clinics, Health Clubs, Gyms & Studios

I also offer "tailor-made" continuing professional development courses & workshops designed specifically for the need of your organisation and deliver them in-house in your facility. This is usually the most effective and cost efficient way of going about continuing education where all staff members can participate together. Our teaching method encourages team work, problem solving and  stresses the anatomical and biomechanical reasoning of treatment and exercise application. 

Peter Bodi with client England Rugby
Peter Body with client England Rugby
Beter Bodi training client England Rugby
Peter Bodi in the gym with client England Rugby
Peter Bodi Training client
Peter Bodi with client Penguins Hockey
Peter Bodi with past client Penguins Hockey


eter Bodi Client England Rugby
Peter Bodi past client Tampa Bay
Peter Bodi past client Pittsburgh Penguins
Peter Bodi past client Harlequins Rugby

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