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 the small details that make a big difference

Make your body work for you

Each joint, muscle and organ has their own intrinsic movement, which are interdependent. 

The quality of these micro movements determine the health of your body.  

Peter Bodi - SomaTherapist, 

Peter has studied at the Academy Sutherland D'Osteopathie du Quebec,  and currently continuing his studies in manual etiotherapy under Guy Voyer DO.  He is a certified SomaTrainer, SomaTherapist and ELDOA™ trainer's trainer with a background in physical education. Peter is also the founder and director of SomaTraining UK, a continuing education company dedicated to spread the work of Dr Voyer, where he regularly teaches his courses and workshops, as well as consults sports organisations.



Treatment & Training

Specialised manual therapy and exercise therapy for orthopaedic & visceral problems.



Certifications and tailor made courses & workshops for Health Clubs, Clinics & Sports Teams 

'The work Peter has done with me has been transformative.
He's been incredible in helping me with my injuries and also has encouraged me to get a lot stronger all round. A total lifeline."

Iain Archer - song writer


22-25 Portman Close
London, England, UK
W1H  6BS

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